With an outpouring of support, I humbly announce my candidacy to be your next State Senator in District 30. This opportunity is not one that I take lightly, but I know the time is now for modern, progressive leadership in our statehouse. I'm running now because our education funding at the state level is broken. As a public high school teacher, I directly see the negative impact these laws have on current students. More than 20,000 of us marched in red at the statehouse, but politicians have done nothing to improve the situation in schools. If nothing changes in 2020 the damage will impact the lives of our students, particularly those already at risk. 

Hoosiers deserve more. We can't rely on politics as usual as we move into a new decade and lay the foundation for future generations. As a former news executive producer with a master's degree in Applied Communication, I've written the headlines in this state, but I'm now ready to help change the troubling narrative firsthand. I'm ready to send the message that Hoosiers are ready to properly fund our schools and improve our quality of life for all. 

This campaign is personal for me, but not a professional move. In fact, I have pledged to donate back December campaign donations to teacher supplies when I win in 2020. I will be the State Senator that truly fights for a better future.

I'm humbled by your support.

Thank you,

Nick White

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